High-Volume Computer Deployment

If you need one computer or a few thousand computers, EntireTech has the experience to facilitate that need. Our infrastructure allows us to support high-volume equipment sales and management. We specialize in and handle the entire process.

Our staff are highly trained, experienced, and qualified in all aspects of this service. Outsourcing these tasks will prove to be more efficient and cost effective. The quality of our services will ensure a proper deployment of assets that will keep your project on track and your staff focused on what they do best.

 We do not subscribe to a one size fits all solution. Each and every project is processed individually with custom services and solutions.

 - We have relationships with the major distribution channels.
 - We will assist with the specification process.
 - We will find you the best quality and pricing.
 - We will handle your software and hardware needs.
 - We will assist in securing the lease or loan for your equipment.
 - We will receive your equipment at our warehouse facility.
 - Each device will be unpacked and inspected for quality acceptance.
 - We will develop the image required for loading on each device, or we will load your image.
 - If you wish we can add our monitoring software and managed anti-virus.
 - We can monitor all of your assets for health or issues.
 - We will remotely support and repair and issues. 
 - We will ship and pack to any and all destinations.
 - We can manage any warranty issues or repairs.
 - We can keep assets at our warehouse to swap out with any returns.
 - We can accept shipments of returns, inspect, repair or replace, re-image and ship.

 If you need all of these services, or only some of them. Contact EntireTech and we will be glad to assist and support you.